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In 2018, 256,818 crimes were reported in Washington. Of the individuals charged, 95.5% of defendants plead guilty. If you want to beat those odds your choice in lawyer is critical. You could choose an overworked public defender or a former prosecutor, trained to push for pleas and see evidence in the worst light possible. Better yet, you could call in the Cavalry. We are dedicated defense attorneys, with years of experience in evidence evaluation and cross examination.

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Winning your case comes down to one huge decision. Who will fight for you in court? The attorneys at the Cavalry Law Firm know criminal justice. We attack charges and ensure every one of our clients, throughout the State of Washington, has the best possible outcome. We're committed to be the best criminal defense lawyers around, period. Call us and watch the prosecution retreat when you have a firm on your side that doesn't back down.

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what our clients say

“I would recommend John to any person needing an attorney to defend them with criminal matters. He was very responsive with phone calls and emails and was very patient with explaining the process to me and not getting frustrated when I needed further explanation. He was cognizant of the repercussions of my criminal matter with my immigration status and was not quick to bow down to the prosecutors.”


“Myles handled my case like a pro. I was falsely accused of a sex crime that nearly ruined my life. Myles was very GREAT in court and ultimately we beat the case at trial. I would recommend Myles to anyone looking for an elite, aggressive attorney. He will save your life.”


“To me the number one priority is having an attorney who believes in me and Mr. Johnson more than believes in me and fights for my life as fiercely as I fight for my own. I could not have attained a better attorney than he and I could not be more grateful for his services.”


“You generally get a attorney who cares about people or is awesome at his job trial THIS MAN IS BOTH. He is one of the most aggressive attorneys I have ever seen due to the fact he knows his stuff inside and out.”


“John helped me tremendously and did it with so much expertise and kindness. I really appreciate the advice and help he provided. I felt supported by him throughout the entire legal experience, which could have been very overwhelming, but with the help of his patience and knowledge, made it through with ease.”


“John had an impact on my life and I consider him as a superhero in my family. I believe John takes his clients very serious and very cautious, meaning that he will do the best in the possible way that he can.”


“Set for trial. Fighting a serious felony charge. So far John has been extremely helpful, punctual and I feel very confident with John on my side. I have high hopes for the outcome of my case.”


“Myles knows what he is doing. He kept me inform through out the process. I can’t thank him enough. I owe him my life!”


“He made sure to understood my case and inform me of all possible outcomes. John had not worked a case before dealing in Court Martial (military), but he handle my case with extreme care and confidence. I would highly recommend John not because of the favorable result but because of how he handled my case, he took the time to know me, ensured that I understood every step and helped relieve the stress in a very difficult time.”


“He answered all my questions and provided excellent advice, counsel, and when required, calmed me down amidst any panic that came up due to the nature of my case. When things became more complicated or drawn out, his reaction was, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this for you.” He followed through and everything was worked out to the best possible outcome.”


“Myles Johnson is the best attorney I have ever had representing me. He’s realistic, honest, straightforward, and tough. He represented me after my ex-husband tried to get an anti-harassment order against me. It was ridiculous, and he knew we would win the case. We won and I now have a year long anti-harassment order against my ex. YOU NEED TO HIRE MYLES! He will make you feel like he’s on your side.”


“When I was in a courtroom not knowing what outcome my hearing would have, John took care of it and made sure I was not at a disadvantage. He ensured I received the utmost representation and disallowed apposing council from pushing their own agenda on the case. John was confident and commanding, and the Judge listened. We got what we wanted and needed form the hearing without issue thanks to his intuition and knowledge.”


“I hired John a year ago to defend my son. I had to find someone last minute as he had received summons in the mail which had been sent to old address at first. We received mail on a Friday and needed legal representation for the following Monday. When I hired John I was skeptical because I didn’t have time to interview and meet with anyone. John immediately proved to me that I made the right choice in hiring him. He got my son out on his own personal recognizance for almost a year so he could continue to work and raise his son.”


“I was being charged with a misdemeanor and I am glad that I hired John. I got my court date mixed up and ended up with a bench warrant for FTA. John was able to talk to a court aid and got me another date quickly to squash the bench warrant. Long story short John worked a deal with the prosecutor to do evasion. So no conviction for me.”


“Myles is an attorney with a rare combination: he consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach that is refreshing. Myles work ethics are energetic and trustworthy, and I would send anyone who could use his services to him. He quickly provided me with multiple options that led to a swift win( less than 10 minutes) Nothing speaks louder than performance and Myles Johnson performs.”


“Myles stepped in a very ugly domestic violence case for an employee of mine. He not only won the case, but was able to get a substantial amount of restitution”

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